Preparation Tips for Biology
Biology exams can be seemed intimidating to many students hence the only key to success for such exams are better preparation. Biology can be practiced well through demonstration that makes you to understand the concepts and information clearly.
Below are some excellent tips that help you to incur better marks in PMT (Biology & Zoology) Section-

Biology is a very vast subject and developing interest is very important for your success. For which you need to have passion to learn, to understand how things has been developed and marveled.

The Key success in Biology is hard work which means that you need to manage your time and Energy.
You need to give sufficient quality time in enhancing the comprehensive skills of biology which can be done by availing various tests or quizzes on integrated concepts.
Reorganizing of information studied in the classes would help you to discern the patterns and relationship between the concepts. You can rank the concepts from most general to most specific as a linking phase. Try to add increasingly specific concepts and identify the cross links which should be marked through dash lines. Make second version for all concepts by adding more cross links to the map so that the logical flow can be properly get designed.
The demonstration models plays a very important role in Biology, as it helps students to bifurcate between two different diagrams.

You can take help of experts while making a preparation, such as parents, faculty or seniors that can make you understand the concepts easily.
Practice through various sample papers, booklets and online mock test that will give you an idea about how to crack the concepts faster in the exams.
Some of the very important concepts in Biology paper of PMT that are required to be revised in advance while appearing are- Diversification of life introduction, reproduction, Organism & environment, Genetics & Evolution and Cell structure and function etc. This portion is a fusion of both Botany and Zoology section which are asked in PMT exams for 45 marks each.
The Mantra to excel in Biology is to work hard and practice well. The emphasis is always requiring to be made on deeper understanding of the concepts that enable development of right kind of approach required to answer questions during the exams.