Preparation tips on Chemistry
Chemistry is the most challenging portion of Science which is associated with many experiments that provide you deeper knowledge of every concept. Chemistry is not a subject that can be memorized hence require practice of various principles, understanding of ideas and need to be went through various mechanism.

While making preparation for Chemistry portion associated in PMT exams the candidates can go through the below mentioned ideas that can help them in better preparation-

Try to examine all the problems first before making a start, do the problems that are well known and leave the difficult problems for later implementation.
Manage your time and energy within portion like once you have solved easy questions then you can manage your time in difficult questions accordingly. Some of the Chemistry chapter that require better preparation while appearing for PMT exams are- Structure of Atom, Solid State, Electro Chemistry, Chemical bonding and molecule structure, Hydrogen, State of Matter and Surface chemistry etc. Try to focus on Organic Chemistry as more of the questions are associated from this section.
Practice the concepts like focus on how the molecules behave and the reason why electrons attack. This will make you capable to complete any related mechanism, regardless of how the substances are presented.

To practice well try to take up mock test online, quiz and help of previous papers. This will improve you solving speed as well guide you well with the patterns.

Use accurate and precise word limits as this is not an theoretical paper but only need correct formulation that have been implemented over the problems.
Due to the intensity and competitiveness in the PMT exams, you need a complete understanding of chemistry including all basic concepts and problem solving methods. Try to adopt the information from the books that have better demonstration of the problems and experiments.