Preparation tips for Physics
Preparing for Physics exams require two important things that is how to work problems using list of formulas and the way you can reproduce them. While preparing for these exams you must go through your previous assignments that can help you a lot with the upcoming situations. There are certain tips required to be considered while appearing for Physics section in PMT exams-

While preparing, list the required information like problem type, numerical values & units and physical values problem which will be useful at last minute of preparation.

Draw the diagram of the problem that is critical to understand. Show physical direction of your variables, link the angle matters and label the diagram. List the relevant equations in long form or with no numerical substitution as they can be used in the other problems for which you are finding difficulty.
Certain chapters of Physics that is required to be practiced well before appearing for PMT competitive exams include- Kinematics, current electricity, Gravitation, motion of system & Rigid body, optics, electronic device, atoms a& nucleus and thermodynamics etc. If you have sufficient time then can practice the other chapters as well. Looking up at old exam papers will help you to get used to your testing style, give you idea to gather information that looks important and needed to be given more emphasis on.
Try to solve the problems through previous year paper, mock test and online quizzes which will show the result of your preparation.

During exam read all the questions and answer once and try to solve from the part you know the best. This will not only increase your confidence but also give you more time to focus later on to the difficult section.

Solve the numerical answers with proper units. You can make the use of calculator for difficult problems that include high level of calculation.
Using these techniques the candidates can able to develop problem solving skills quickly and can fill the test papers with relevant information that will increase your score in PMT. This can only be done when candidates have urge to learn Physics and have practiced a lot for the upcoming exams.